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Specification line
Product Detail

    FZM0816L+FPT1625+FZM0825L Insulating Glass Glass Straight line double edging machine production line with economic, high efficient, high precision, reliable and safe feature, suitable for construction, home electronic appliance, door and window insulating glass especial suitable for large quantity production.

    ● Flange adopt double Ball strew and straight line guiding rail, resetting well.

    ● Grinding head planker adopt high precision double V guiding rail, running stable, small shaking.

    ● Polishing adopt manual and Pneumatic half auto compensate.

    ● Upper angle of chamfer adopt ball screw and straight line guiding rail, Accurate positioning.

    ● Compaction frame auto lifting.

    ● Master drive adopt mechanism frequency conversion speed regulation, main driving axle upper place, easy change belt    and maintain.

    ● Glass transmit adopt annular timing belt and pneumatic locating device, transfer stable, exactly fixed position.

    ● Adopt human interface and PLC control system, easy operate

    This production line is made up by one FZM0816L double edging machine, one FZM0825L double edging

    machine and oneFPT1625 straight line type transfer table.

    technical parameter


    Thickness of glass:

    3~10 mm

    Minimum width of processed glass:

    300X300 mm

    Maximum width of glass:


    The maximum amount of grinding:


    Angular maximum grinding:


    Maximum film width:


    Film removal accuracy:


    Conveying speed

    1~15 m/min

    Working height:


    Outline dimension:


    Operating voltage / frequency:


    Pneumatic working pressure:


    Fan volume:

    1320 m3/Min

    Pump arrangement:


    Total power: