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Glass Straight Line Edging
Product Detail

    FA9-325A straight line edging machine is suitable for grinding different size and thickness flat glass and the 45°arris angle. This machine with rough grinding, refined grinding, polishing and arris making can be completed in a procession. Adopt digital display the speed, entrance part adopt lifting system, convenience for adjust grinding. This product with novel design, advanced structure, it has features of high precision, easy operation and high working efficiency, it is one of indispensable equipments for glass procession.

    technical parameter


    Operating voltage / frequency


    Minimum size of processed glass

    100X100 mm

    Maximum size of glass

    3000 mm X3000 mm

    Glass thickness

    3~19 mm

    The maximum amount of grinding


    Angular maximum grinding


    Total power

    19 Kw

    Overall dimensions (L * w * h)

    6800 mm×1500 mm×2500mm

    Table height