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Glass Automatic Four Sides Edging
Product Detail

    FSM0920D Glass Automatic Four Sides Edger is designed for glass rough grinding and chamfering with features of economy, efficiency and automatic identification of glass size. This machine is suitable for processing the construction glass, insulating glass of window and door and other different size flat glass with a large quantity. Being connected with other machines, the production efficiency can be improved deeply.

    1.  Adopt the servo-driven, annular timing belt and rubber roller for conveying and polyurethane wheel for press which ensures the stable glass transmission, accurate positioning and excellent grinding performance.

    2.  The automatic opening and closing mechanism of grinding motor and lateral pressing wheel are adopted the gear reducer and servo driver. Assembling with the ball screw rod, liner guide rail, pinion and rack, the mechanism can be accuracy

    3.  The motor rotation system adopt the gear reducer and servo drive that make it position precisely

    4.   Adopt limit switch probe positioning instead of touch glass that avoid the distress of parameters resetting due to the replacement of probe. This novel design greatly improves the life of the limit switch probe and makes the operation and maintenance more convenient.

    5.      Adopt human interface and PLC control system, easy operate.

    technical parameter


    Thickness of glass:

    3~12 mm

    Minimum size of processed glass:

    400*800 mm

    Maximum size of glass:


    Chamfer width:


    The amount of grinding


    Grinding speed:

    底边:1~30m/min ;倒棱:1~35m/min

    The number of motors


    Working height:


    Outline dimension:


    Operating voltage / frequency:


    Pneumatic working pressure:


    Pump flow:


    Total power: