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FLM Glass Vertical Edger Production Line
Product Detail

    FLM Glass vertical edger production line is designed on the base of straight line single edging machine. Adding the new design vertical turning machine, the efficiency of single edging machine can be improved deeply. The total length of the production line is 47 meters which include 4 sets of edging machine and 3 sets of vertical turning machine. Comparing with the double edging production line, the different size glass with same thickness can be edged and polished in a pass by this production line that can reduce the cost of human resources.

    If you have already owned the single machine, our technical team can go to your factory and make an economical proposal for you

    Main Technical Data

    Technical data

    FLM Series Glass Vertical Edger Production Line



    Min processing size:


    Max processing size:

    2500×2500 mm


    319 mm



    Working Height: